Wooden Fence Design Guide

Atlanta Wooden FenceFencing is one of those subjects that appear quite simple until you try to build one by your self. There are different types of wooden fences for different purposes and to make things more complex, each different type can utilize a variety of materials. Making the right choice requires an understanding of the various aspects of wooden fencing available to you.  To make things easier we have created the FenceWorks Guide to Wooden Fence Design and Construction to educate our customers by explaining each component in detail.  We have also included a gallery of our Atlanta wood fence installations to help visualize the concepts addressed in each section.  A successful fencing project starts with a well thought out plan and the information contained in this section is designed to educate our Atlanta fence clients so we can collectively convert ideas for fences into reality.  When you are ready to get started on your project we are ready to help.  Contact the Atlanta Fence Company committed to your satisfaction – contact FenceWorks of Georgia.

Wooden Fence Design and Styles

Before you even think about buying materials or what type of wooden fence you will want, you have some research to do.  If you do not check out your city building codes you could get into some hot water later. The same goes for a home owners association if you have one. Here are a [...]

Wooden Fence Construction Styles

The next important step is to decide what wood fence construction style is appropriate for your needs?  Will the fence primarily be a decoration or will it be use to ensure your privacy from prying eyes. In some cases you may need a hybrid of both. So, let’s start with the privacy fence construction. It [...]

Wood Fence Material Options

Next we will talk about the different materials that can be used to construct a wooden fence. Although you can use any type of lumber that you find pleasing there is some fencing that works better using a certain type of wood. For instance, privacy fencing typically uses pressure treated pine closely followed by pressure [...]

Wood Fence Applications and Uses

The type of wooden fence that you need is really dependent on what you need it for. In other words, the specific application of your wooden fence dictates the appropriate fence style. Some of the most common wood fencing applications are: Privacy Fences – A wood fence built for privacy can run the gamut of [...]