Best Fences for a Business

When choosing a fence for a commercial property, the first question to take into considerations is, “Where is it located?”  If the business is a construction project where often expensive machinery and other property is left unattended overnight, a chain link fence often fits the bill.  This is a quality, durable choice that is hard to scale and higher than more traditional fences.  The chain link fence should be at close to seven feet tall, if not taller to have a greater chance of keeping out intruders.  A sturdy chain link fence which is thick enough not to be easily bent keeps out potential criminals while allowing the property owner or police the ability to see through for those who might make it inside.

Wrought iron fences, allow the same preventative measures with the same ability to see through for those attempting to steal or cause damage.  However, wrought iron is much more costly than a chain link fence.  If a commercial property owner is in a less urban area where an attractive security fence gels better with the surrounding building, this makes sense.  There are many different styles to choose from and do provide a more sophisticated look.  The rails of a wrought iron fence are less likely to be bent as they are more durable than chain link.  Points can be at the top of each rail to add more security.  Like chain link, these too need to be an average of seven feet tall.  If using a fence company to do the work, be sure that it comes with a great warranty.

When selecting an ornamental fence for security purposes, it’s a smart choice to have it built from steel welded at the joints.  To prevent the damaging effects of rust, some business owners opt to go with aluminum, but it should be noted here that aluminum is not as strong as the steel alternative.

Three options are:

1)      Steel Fence – these are a great option that needs little upkeep where each piece is usually welded together.  If installed by the property owner it should be watched closely rust and remove it as soon as it begins to show.  If a fence installation company installs the fence ask about the warranty on all materials, labor, and future upkeep of the fence.

2)      Aluminum Fence – these fences use aluminum in their construction where the pieces are joined using screws.  This holds up to the elements better than steel, but again, is not as strong.

3)      Wood Fences – these are typically used more for privacy than security.  If crime is low in the location of a commercial property, this may be the best fit.  It is always attractive and can be painted any desired color.  Yet, in the case of trespassing, it is often easy enough to break through these to gain entry.  One should consider installing flood or security lighting with a wood fence to increase safety.

If a commercial property owner is not sure what they need in a security fence, contact a great name in fence installation for information.  If the job of fence construction seems too big to do alone, get estimates and bring in a company to do the job right the first time.

Above Ground Pool Fence

Above ground pool fences are not only aesthetically pleasing; it also serves a vital function.  For those with pets, or small children, the above ground pool fence may be the difference between life and death.  There are a number do child deaths every summer due to the young ones wandering too close to the pool unsupervised   The above ground pool fence can also keep towels and other items without in the pool area when winds pick up due to the season or storms.  When thinking about installing a fence, there are several choices.  Below are a few ideas to get a homeowner on the right track when picking out an above ground pool fence.  When bringing in a fencing company, do research to make sure the best deal, and materials, are being used to protect the family.

Above Ground Pool Vinyl Fences are a Cost-Effective Choice

-          A vinyl above ground pool fence is a very popular choice.

-          The fence does not require any maintenance.

-           Vinyl pool fencing is easy to install which avoids a costly bill to have a company come out to do it.

-          Vinyl fencing is light enough to go around the rim of an above ground pool while strong enough to stand up to harsh conditions.

Above Ground Pool Wood Fencing is a Fantastic Option

-          Unlike vinyl fencing there is annual maintenance necessary to keep the wood pool fence looking good and strong against inclement weather.

-          The traditional look of wood is always pleasing and blends in with almost any home color scheme.

-          A above ground pool fence can be installed in the ground around the pool to prevent animals from doing damage to the base or around the rim to focus more on keeping children out of the water.

-          Use stain or paint to seal the wood and help keep the structure strong.

Wrought Iron Above Ground Pool Fences are a Strong Alternative

-          A wrought iron fence is practically impervious to animals or intruders.

-          The fence can add a more pastoral look to the addition of an above ground pool.

-          There will be the need for upkeep to sand away rust or scratches.

-           The wrought-iron pool fence will truly stand the test of time even in the harshest conditions.

-          Be sure not to hang wet towels, pool toys, or bathing suits on the fence as this quickens the rusting process.

Fences for a Deck Constructed around an Above Ground Pool

-          Above ground pool fences have the option of building a deck around it to make it look more a part of the surroundings.

-          The deck can be a great place to enclose with a fence for the same safety purposes as one around the pool itself.

-          A great many of the deck-building kits come with a choice of pool fencing options to meet the homeowner’s taste.

-          Using a deck-fencing kit saves money and time.

-          Installation is often quite easy with minimal effort and low cost.

-          The fence and deck can add even more value to the home if one looks to sell in the future.

Platform Fences are a Great Way to add to “In-Ground” Appeal

-          Instead of deck that only covers the side of a pool, there are others who construct a deck that goes around the whole pool.

-          This achieves an in-ground look that is often preferred.

-          There are wood, vinyl or wrought-iron options for this kind of deck.

-          If the deck indeed does encircle the whole deck, be sure to enclose the whole area with a fence, not only the entrance.  This decreases the risk of harm to either children or animals.

Above ground pool fences can be installed by the homeowner, but if one chooses to have a fence company do the work it is crucial to make sure the work and materials come with a quality warranty

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Pool Fence Tips

Pool fence tips from a reputable source is the first step in keeping a homeowner the their family safe.  Building a pool fence can be tricky business.  Pool fences must not only be installed correctly, there are basic rules one can follow to maintain that fence against intruders and inclement weather.  Whether the fence is installed to keep out intruders while allowing a clear view of the pool or to block view completely for more privacy, a fence is a great idea for those of either ilk.  Not only can a fence be used for these purposes, it can also prevent small children from entering and possibly drowning.  Below are a few helpful tips in general upkeep of a pool fence.  These are truly a few quality pool fence tips.

Pool Fence Upkeep Tips:

- Use paint to seal wood or to cover scratches in wrought iron pool fences.

-          Metal can also often benefit from the use of sandpaper which buffs out any damaged areas and-or rust spots., use sandpaper and sand down the nick or scratch until it is smooth and free of rust.

-          Make sure that the paint is properly mixed so the chemical compounds within the paint are most effective.

-          Check for damage and use paint on any troubled areas every 3 to 6 months.

-          Don’t just paint over rust as this does not stop corrosion.  If allowed to rust for months this can decrease the integrity of the joints.

-          Don’t forget to look for, and clean away any water that has pooled at the bottom of each post.  This can be done by applying a wet towel and wiping up the moisture.

Gate Upkeep Tips for a Pool Fence

-          Just as with the general upkeep of the fence, apply oil, or another lubricant, to the hingest every 3-6 months apply a light coat of oil or lubricating spray to hinges.

-          Be careful that the gate is not shut hard or left open for long periods of time to protect the integrity of the catch and hinges.

Pool Fence Tips on What Not to Do

-          Don’t put rocks for decoration too close to the fence as, over time; this will cause damage in the way of scratches or preventing water from properly draining.  Check for this every 3 to 6 months.

-          Construct the fence to be above the ground with a space between the bottom of each post and the earth.  This prevents water from doing damage if it pools or the decorative rocks from furthering any damage that could lead to rust.

-          Keep chemicals used in the construction of the pool if the fence is put in place before the pool is finished.  Many of the chemicals can cause rust to quicken in wrought-iron fences.

-          Avoid draping pool toys, towels, or bathing suits over the fence because the moisture and chlorine will also quicken rust from taking over.

Pool fence tips are crucial whether a homeowner plans to install the pool fence themselves or hire a company to do the work.  If a company completes the work make sure there is a warranty that covers all labor and materials.  If a homeowner knows ahead of time how to install a fence it will help follow the work done my a professional pool fence installer