Ideas for Ornamental Fencing

Having a fenced in yard is a tradition as old as our country. It began when we needed to fence in our pastures and ranch houses to make sure our live stock didn’t run away and to provide some security to the home. Today we have other ways to protect our homes without resorting to tall fences and we do not need to worry about our livestock escaping. However, many people still like to have an ornamental fence to add to the aesthetics of a property. There are a lot of different materials available to use in an ornamental fence but the most common are:

* Wrought Iron – This type of ornamental fence has been used for years to add a sense of style to a home while still providing ample security. The only problem is the price. A traditional wrought iron fence will always be the most expensive option to go with when buying ornamental fencing. ornamental 1 Ideas for Ornamental Fencing

* Natural wood – This type of ornamental fencing is by far the most popular in the United States. They add a comfortable look to a home and can blend in with most types of architecture. They provide some security but are not as durable as the other fencing and require maintenance to withstand the elements and prevent decay.

* Aluminum – Aluminum ornamental fencing is the happy medium between the other two types. It does not have the beauty of wooden fences but it lasts far longer. It is not as durable as wrought iron but it is far less costly. Since it is a softer metal it can be shaped into almost any configuration to fit the garden fence design that is right for you.