Garden Fence Designs

There are a surprising number of Garden Fence Designs available to consumers so finding the perfect one for your garden fence should not be an issue. You will have to make a few decisions before picking the right Garden Fence Designs though. Take a close look at the architecture of your home before building a garden fence. It should look like an extension of your home or at least look like it was built at the same time and in the same manner. A white picket fence style of garden fence would not look right sitting next to a log cabin, for instance.

After you have a good idea of the style of fencing that you want, you will need to decide between ornamental or function Garden Fence Designs.

·         An ornamental Garden Fence Design gives you the most looks to choose from. They can be built from iron, wood, plastic or any combination of the three as long as they are pleasing to look at.picket fence flower Garden Fence Designs

·         Functional Garden Fence Designs are usually about chest high and is made to keep things like pets, children or wild animals off of your plants. One functional design that you will see a lot is a wooden picket style fence with wire mesh interwoven between the slats. You can get the mesh in many different colors and a lot of gardeners choose green so that it blends in with the rest of the fencing. It is one of the most popular Garden Fence Designs because it gives you the aesthetics of a ornamental fence with the strength of a functional fence.

Both types of Garden Fence Designs are perfect for supporting plant vines and look beautiful with covered by ivy or flowers.