Checklist for Fence Installation

A solid fence can do a lot for your home. It can act as a boundary marker, keep your pets in the yard and keep the neighbor kids out. A fence can also add to the aesthetic appeal of your house so you need to make sure that the fence style matches the architecture of your home. There are a lot of important steps that you should follow when building a fence so here is a checklist to help you remember:

  1. Mark the boundaries of your fence using stakes and string. It will help to see where the fence is will be and it will identify any problems in the lay of the land.fence 2 small 300x183 Checklist for Fence Installation
  2. Call someone to come out and mark the utility lines. It would be a horrible way to start your project if you cut your cable line while you were digging a post hole.
  3. Make sure that you have all of the equipment and the materials that you will need on hand. Nothing extends the building time of a project like constantly having to run back to town for a tool or piece of lumber.
  4. When you have actually started building the fence, pay extra attention to the posts. They are the most important part of the fence and provide much of its strength. For a standard fence you will want to dig a hole that is 12 inches across and about two feet deep. Also, make sure that the hole is wider at the bottom than at the top. If you don’t then water will get down into the hole and it will freeze in the winter. Over time that will push the post up out of the ground.