Building Wood Fence Using Metal Poles

Building a wood fence using metal poles can be a smart way to go. A fence built this way does not need as much maintenance as a fully wood fence. As a wooden fence ages and begins to rot you will have to replace everything from the anchor posts to the rails and slats. If you use metal poles then you cut the work in half because you will only need to replace the build new fence 201x300 Building Wood Fence Using Metal Poleswooden panels as they deteriorate.

First thing that you need to do when building a wood fence using metal poles, is mark the lines of the wood fence using stakes and string. Once you have it fully staked out then you will need to measure every eight feet and mark it as a place for you to put a fence post. When you are digging out the fence post you will want to ensure that the hole is 12 inches across and about 2 feet deep. Once you have finished digging you will set a fence post into the hole and fill it with concrete mix. It should take about 40 pounds of mix to fill the hole.

After you have placed all of the posts and the concrete has dried then you are ready to attach the wooden panels. Use a 1 inch sheet metal screw you will attach a U-shaped pole bracket to the pole at the height of the fence panel rail. Then you attach the bracket to the fence rail using two 1 ¼ inch treated deck screws. Do the same on the other side of the panel and then repeat until the wood fence is finished. Whenever you need to replace a panel, it is as simple as unscrewing it from the fence and fitting in the new panel.  Buildinga a wood fence using metal poles couldn’t be easier.